Price & Rooms

Room List

  • The mixed-dormitory style
  • Women-only dormitory-style
  • Double room
  • Private room (Two bunkbeds)
  • Family room (Two double beds)

Share Area

Shower room

We have 7 showers and can be used from 3pm to 11am.
Worry-free separate showers for women and men.
There is shampoo, conditioner and body soap.


There are two washing machines and two dryers and can be used 24/7.


There are 4 vanities in the men’s shower room and 3 vanities in the women’s shower room.



  • Slippers
  • Hair dryer
  • Hanger
  • Wi-Fi

For hire

  • Washing machine (200yen /1 time)
  • Dryer (100yen /15min)
  • Toothbrush(100yen)
  • Razor(100yen)
  • Skin care set(300yen)
  • Bath towel (For rent 200yen)