Takoyaki Dojo

Takoyaki Dojo


About Takoyaki Dojo

Let’s enjoy food culture in Osaka.

In this event you can have a lesson
how to make “Takoyaki” and eat it.

“Takoyaki” is original food in Osaka and
people living in Osaka usually make it with
amily or friends as like a “Takoyaki-Party”.

The Takoyaki that you had just
finished to make must be so tasty!

You can have experience the taste that
you had never try.

It is crispy on the outside,
soft & doughy on the inside!

Does it Sound difficult to
make Takoyaki by yourself?
Please don’t worry about that.

We can explain how to make it
at your table.

We have some kinds of
ingredients for Takoyaki.

Is you don’t like or don’t eat octopus,
that’s no problem.
You can choose others to make
your unique Takoyaki.

Let’s enjoy and find your favorite one!

Reservation is required.
Please key in required information

onto the below form and
press the send button.

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About the event


all you can make and eat Takoyaki (include one glass of drink)


adult 2,100yen/person (over 12 years-old)
child 1,400yen/person (over 6 years-old)
under 6 years-old is for free no include drink

Limited time

One and a half hours


octopus, mochi(rice cake), konnyaku, shrimp, Vienna sausage, cheese, corn, cabbage, chocolate and kimuchi


roots hostel
1-9-11 Itachibori Nishi-ku Osaka-shi Osaka Japan
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Please fill a date, time, number of people and your email-address in a reservation form and send them from “Reservation Form” (at the bottom of this page)
The reservation is NOT confirmed when you just send it.
When you get a confirmation mail, your reservation is going to be confirmed.

About the Time

Please choose a time to join from the time table.

  • 14:00〜15:30
  • 16:00〜17:30
  • 18:00〜19:30
  • 20:00〜21:30

(If we are fully booked, we will ask you to change the time by e-mail.)